Fishing with a Dipsy Diver

Fishing with a Dipsy Diver could be a smarter and affordable option for trout or salmon. As you know, a traditional method for catching trophy salmon and trout is deep lake trolling. During the summer months, the water temperature heats up, and salmon/trout like to swim often in deeper water or near the “thermocline.
In this range, water temperature continuously changes from cold to warm. So, angles face difficulty to troll fish in that thermocline deeper heads. Many anglers use downriggers for that reason, which is quite expensive. However, if you want to use an alternative which is efficient and inexpensive than the dipsy diver would fit the shoe.


What is a Dipsy Diver?

A dipsy diver is a simple to use tool for fishing. It is a weighted plastic disc that dives down in the water column during trolling. So, the attached lure cloud is placed in the optimal strike zone. When a fish bites the bait and hooked, the tug of the lure pulls line from the release mechanism.

This eliminates nearly entire resistance and allows the anglers to fight the fish freely. The gipsy drivers are a good option for trolling which is designed to be adjusted for starboard or directly behind the boat as well. So angler can troll a wider area of water with this device. However, Dipsy Divers comes different colors and few various sizes with particular depth limits. Although lots of people are going to use best fishing kayak.


Dipsy Diver setup

For set up a dipsy driver you need to follow these procedures,

  • Use a strong line from the reel to the dipsy It is best to use braided except the reel spooled. Because it is thin yet strong and has little to no stretch while fighting with twelve-pound fish.
  • Tie your line using a swivel that is light yet durable also. It is better to use 50 lbs stainless steel pin. Use a secure knot to tie your swivel on your line. You can use Palmer knot or anything else that you are comfortable with.
  • For absorbing the shock of hard striking or soft-mouthed fish use a dipsy driver Snubber. It is a small piece of rubber tubing with a braided line core and particularly important if you are using the braided line as indicated earlier.
  • Except for the bright colors dipsy driver, fish more attract with black colored one. It is not for all conditions, but some fish are really selective, the black dipsy driver has more success that the colored ones. So, paint your dipsy with black color.

How to use a Dipsy Diver

Using a display driver is quite easy. Make sure to adjust the tension release, so when a fish strikes, the pin will pull from the release. It allows the angler to freely fight the fish rather than the down force of the driver. The tension release of the dipsy driver is adjustable with a screwdriver. However, be sure to work with it to find the right amount of tension to minimize errant release.

You can adjust the tension or drive to tow behind when trolling by shifting the base plate weight, once you have figured out. Set the weight to zero on the indicator for a straight behind the boat troll. Shift the weight from zero to 3 in either direction for a track favoring a particular side. Anglers can put out multiple lines on each side of the boat using these adjustments.

Dipsy Diver depth chart

Here given some general depth charts for different size of dipsy drivers. These are guidelines based on using 20 lb test monofilament in a trolling speed of 2.5-3.0 mph. However, depths can changes upon line diameter, lure, current or debris in the water. Also, depth will amplify or lessen by 10% for each one MPH faster or slower trolled.

Equipment to use with a Dipsy Diver

Use 40-50 lb test braided lines as the main line. You can check out PowerPro, Spiderwire, Suffix 832.

  • For leader line expert recommends fluorocarbon. Our recommendation is Seaguar 100% Fluorocarbon line for strong and incredibly clear
  • For dipsy drivers its bet to go for a 9 to 10-foot rod rather than a traditional rod. You can use GLT Dipsy Diver rod or anything else.
  • The reel is the most important part of fishing so doesn’t be miser while spending money on reels. A strong, reliable and durable may cost high but won’t make you regret.

You can try this simple, elegant but effective device instead of the Downriggers. It is affordable, easy to set up, utilize and most importantly angles can trust the Dipsy Divers for all types of deep water fishing. Before leaving you can check out my fishing Blog Trickyfisher.

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